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5 Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness

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business woman_mindfulness Mindfulness is a learned skill where we deliberately focus and pay attention to what is happening in the present moment without judgment or criticism.

Below are 5 simple ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your life:

Daily meditation . A good way to start your mindfulness journey is to practice a mindfulness meditation every day. Sit down in a quiet, comfortable place and bring attention to your breathing. Notice your in and out breaths. Start with 5 to 10 minutes and work up to 20–30 minutes.

Take a walk. Walking is a great mindful activity. Stand up straight but not too stiff. Notice your feet on the ground and where your weight is. As you start walking at your normal pace, bring your attention to your steps. Notice as your feet connect with the ground, and how it feels.

Eat mindfully. Being mindful while eating brings your attention to the taste and smell of your food. You're also more likely to feel satisfied and nourished. Don't attempt to do several other things while you're sitting down for a meal. Simply focus all of your attention on what is in front of you.

Connect with your senses . Your senses – touch, smell, taste, sound and sight – are a nice way to connect with the present moment. Pause to soak up the smell of blooming flowers in your neighborhood, catch the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, notice the comforting hug from a friend, or savor the taste of your favorite food. Focusing on these elements in your day can bring you much joy and contentment.

Mix up your routine. Take a different route, stop at a new coffee shop, visit a new place locally or try something you've never done before like paddle boarding, cooking a new recipe or taking a painting class.

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