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Additional fees apply for these topics. Financial classes are provided by: Balance

30 Ways to Trim Your Budget

Stretching your budget is a necessary step to achieving your financial goals. More Info

After Identity Theft

If you’re a victim of identity theft or just want to stay prepared, this workshop is a must. More Info

Are You Financially Healthy?

In this workshop you will understand what it means to be financially healthy - which is so much more than the one score everyone asks you about today – your credit score. More Info

Basics of Personal Finance

From managing daily expenses to investing for retirement, this session helps participants set personal finance goals, learn the basics of smart money management, and build a solid financial foundation for the future.More Info

Becoming a Homeowner

Homeownership starts well before the contracts are signed. Preparation is one of the keys to a smooth home buying process.More Info

Breezing Through the Holidays

It may be called “the most wonderful time of the year” but December can also be filled with unwanted debt with holiday spending.More Info

Checking 101

A checking account is a foundational personal finance tool—when used correctly. More Info

College Financing 101

As the cost of college tuition continues to rise, parents wonder how they can afford to pay for higher education for children or themselves.More Info

Credit Card Makeover: Getting Out of Debt

Credit cards can be a great financial tool, but for some, can lead to debt and financial trouble. More Info

Digital Financial Services

Technology has made managing your money much more convenient. More Info

Drive Away Happy: Car Buying Decisions

Getting a car can be overwhelming and stressful with all the decisions to make: new or used; buy or lease; zero percent financing or rebate (not to mention what color to pick)More Info

FAFSA: The Key to Unlocking Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a government form that streamlines the financial aid process, which can help reduce your student loan burden.More Info

Federal vs. Private Student Loans

This workshop explains key differences between federal and private student loans, and compares eligibility, interest rates, repayment plans and more.More Info

Finances for New Families

Getting married. Having kids. These are natural progressions in life for many, but also present new financial situations and decisions to make immediately, and for the long term.More Info

Finances for Small Business Owners

Entrepreneurship is stronger than ever. This session covers all the financial aspects of starting and running a small business. More Info

Financial First Aid

A financial crisis can throw even the best money management plan into chaos. More Info

Financially Savvy Seniors

Retirement can be a great time for seniors if they are prepared financially. More Info

Identity Theft Solutions

Identity theft is becoming more common and sophisticated than ever.More Info

Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate can be a great way to boost income—if done wisely. More Info

Medicare: How it Works

For many, Medicare is a lifeline for receiving the medical services needed. To make the most of this federal health insurance program, it’s important to understand how Medicare works.More Info

On the Road to Riches

The Basics of Saving and Investing Investing is one of the smartest things consumers can do to secure a brighter financial future. More Info

Personal Finance for College Students

College education is a prime time for young adults to learn about finances and plan for their future.More Info

Planning for Money Milestones

There are many important financial milestones for consumers in their 20s and 30s.More Info

Psychology of Spending

We all have a “money personality” and it has a major impact on our attitudes, relationship with money, and spending habits. More Info

Raising a Money-Smart Kid

Earning money, spending and saving are important lessons children learn very early on in life.More Info

Rebuilding After a Financial Crisis

A job loss, a medical crisis, or other hardship can send a normal financial situation into a tailspin.More Info

Repaying Student Loans

Student loans can put a heavy burden on monthly finances, sometimes rivaling the cost of a mortgage.More Info

Retirement Planning Later in Life

It’s one of the most important financial considerations for anyone today. And as you get closer to retiring, it becomes more critical to have a solid plan of action.More Info

Retirement Planning: The Basics

Retirement is something most people look forward to, but may not have planned well in advance.More Info

Safeguarding Kids’ Identity and Online Privacy

Today’s youth generation is tech-savvy and connected online. However, parents still play an important role in helping them avoid online hazards such as identity theft, privacy and cyber-bullying. More Info