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Digital Detachment

The average American spends more than half of their waking lives staring at a screen. TMore Info

Eating for Mind and Body Health

Our food choices determine numerous aspects of our health. More Info

Healthy Habits for Longevity

The average American starts their day hitting the snooze button, skipping breakfast, checking email, and surfing the internet. If this sounds familiar, now may be the time to start making changes to support a healthier lifestyle.More Info

Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind

Our minds and bodies do not work independent of each other, and we need to stop thinking of these aspects of our health as separate entities. More Info

Healthy Sleep

This training addresses how stress impacts sleep along with key principles for getting better rest, including mindfulness and guided imagery.More Info

Tobacco Cessation

This seminar provides an overview of the resources available to anyone thinking of quitting or who have a loved one who is thinking of quitting. More Info

Wellness at Work

A healthy lifestyle has never been more important. However, due to long work days, complex workplace environments, competing obligations, and high stress, it can be difficult to achieve wellness goals.More Info

Whole Body Health

This seminar will focus on Nutrition, Movement, and Mindfulness. More Info