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West Coast Fires

We understand that you and many of your employees have likely been impacted by recent wildfires. We know that following a traumatic event such as this that people may benefit from additional support available through the EAP. We are prepared to help you respond to this event in multiple ways. Please remember that you, your employees, or their family members can call us 24/7 and speak with a counselor on the phone. We can also schedule appointments with a counselor to assist employees. Lastly, we can help find resources for people that are unique to their individual needs.

Oregon Wildfire Resources
Washington State Wildfire Resources
California Wildfire Resources
Steps to Take After the Fires

View our 20-minute webinar: West Coast Wildfires: Coping with Trauma

We also encourage people to visit the EAP Member Site for up to date information on the wildfires.

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After a traumatic incident employees will need emotional support and understanding while you focus on maintaining a stable work environment. We understand that it can be hard to know how you can help. We've attached some handouts below as a resource. Please review and feel free to share at your discretion:

Trauma: Tips for Coping
Trauma: Tips for Managers

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